Paying for Watch Repair—After we’ve completed work on your watch we’ll notify you by email it is ready to ship.  In the email you’ll find a link to our secure payment service hosted by PayPal.  You do not need a PayPal account to use our system.  Click on the link and enter your credit card information as requested on that page.  Click on submit and your information will be encrypted and posted to our secure server.  Once your payment has cleared our bank we’ll notify you by email that your item has been shipped.  If for any reason you need additional information on your item let us know by phone or email immediately!

Pack & Mail* Watch:

Seattle Watch Repair

P.O. Box 28996

Seattle, WA  98118

*Include estimate fee

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Approve Work-Order:

Repair approved.

Work is completed.

Submit Payment via Email

Receive and Enjoy Your Watch!

Requesting an Estimate—If you decide after the initial contact that you wish us to provide you an estimate, send* us your pocket or writs watch.  After we receive your item we’ll carefully evaluate it and provide you with an estimate via email, indicating the work required to repair your watch.  We will also assess how long it will take to complete the work, when it can be scheduled, and how much the repair is expected to cost.  Our estimates are as detailed as we can make them so you’ll know exactly what work we’ll be performing.  There is a charge for this service ($45.00—credited toward any repair you have us do) and requires that your watch be sent to us via mail.

Approve A Watch Repair—After carefully considering the effort to repair your watch we’ll email you a detailed estimate  giving you an opportunity to consider the proposed work.  If you wish us to schedule your watch for repair respond to this email approving the work and associated cost.  We’ll verify a start date and place your item in our repair queue.

If you decide not to have us repair your watch, we’ll immediately return it once your estimation fee has cleared our bank.  We always return your antique and vintage watches with the same amount of insurance as when it was shipped to us.

*Packing and Shipping Your Watch—When packing please use a small Priority Mail® box.  Wrap your watch in bubble wrap and include your check for $45.00.  When shipping your items please seriously consider insuring them.  We always return your watch with the same amount of insurance as you provided when sending it to us.

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Contact:  or


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Schedule A Repair—Our first commitment to you is customer service.  We know just how important your antique pocket watches and wrist watches are to you and are in business to assist you in getting the highest satisfaction from each and every item we repair.  We carefully attend to each and every request for information and service.

Our customer service starts with a phone conversation about your interest in pocket watch repair or restoration, and continues through to your final satisfaction.  Below is a summary of how we handle our work and interact with you.  This ensures you’re always aware of how our work is proceeding on your watch.  We approach our service in four easy steps.

Getting Started—We start with a phone conversation regarding the work you want done.  This allows our watchmaker to ask specific questions about your antique or vintage watch to be repaired, gain an understanding of the scope of work, and give you a better idea of what may be required to restore proper function to the piece in question.  Of course there’s no charge.

( Contact our watch repair professional, Mark Smith at 206.795.6721 from 9A to 5P PST.  In the case he can’t be reached the first time, please leave a message for him to return the call with your phone and time of day to call.

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